I was born this way

After a very long day at work, then taking #3 to his Taekwondo class, I still came home and cooked dinner. Granted it was thrown together last minute because that’s what any busy mom does. You grab what ingredients you can and make a meal. If family doesn’t like said meal, you kindly remind them how you slaved over the stove after busting your ass all day and they should be thankful they have hot food on their plates and not a cold bowl of cereal.

Fast forward past dinner and I find myself mindlessly staring at the TV, still in work clothes and I had a bright idea. I’ll start a blog!

So here I am, with half open eyes, at 12:37am, eating cold cereal (what?) and building a blog that I’m not even sure what the purpose is. Listening to the hamster run on his squeaky wheel and contemplating how much energy ┬áit will take to pry my ass out of this chair and go to bed.

This is my life.